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  • We promote
  • The label (Moty Worldwide and it’s associates) will supply the DJ with the articles from Schedule1,  (the project you submitted to Moty Worldwide through email),  therefore, The DJ will publish and promote the articles to the best of their ability.
  • Also, label will provide The DJ all articles from Schedule1 with a one week head start on any other DJs. Or DJ Coalitions outside of NextLevel DJ Coalition.
  • We Break Artists

  • Nonetheless, DJ is able to use the records and affiliated articles on podcast, radio stations, playlist, review shows, set list, shows, mixtapes, digital mixtapes ,and social media. As well as to write descriptions, articles, have other people write articles, work with other publications, release to other publications, create graphics, arrange reviews, write ups, features, help with social media, do email blasts, promote, market, and has the ability to have their own graphics and videos created for marketing purposes.
  • We Give You The Fame

  • Hopefully, label gives The DJ permission to use all of the logos, and artist’s images that are signed to the label, and to give other people permission to use the images, with the one contingency that it is not detrimental to the artist’s image, in which case it will be brought to The Label for review. The DJ should publish an article, review, or image promoting the article on their website,social media, and release chain. A release chain is a net work of people, websites, social media profiles, and company’s that all work together to announce each article.
  • And, after a 1 week exclusive time frame, The Label may hire or utilize other means of exposure and publicity. We are expected to work with other DJ Coalitions. The label will provide The DJ with Artist interviews. for Artists signed to the label, We will help arrange interviews with affiliated media partners for artists, with the final say being up to the affiliated artist.



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