How I grew my edges back.By Dinmacoilymane

Have you read my previous blog post, if you have not then click on the link to do.Why I went natural

I told a story of how I got a bald spot on my previous post. After the incident with the hair stylist I started looking out for products that can stimulate hair growth especially for the edges. I used a lot of products and only two of those products stood out from the rest because at that point they were really expensive for me.

The first product was Andrea oil, I saw the advert on Jumia website I browsed and I saw some good reviews about the product so I decided to get it, I live in a city where finding hair products can be a struggle I mean you can count the number of persons that sell a wide range of products . I was lucky enough to see Andrea oil ,I made my purchase and I was already laughing and dreaming of my full edges. Was I disappointed with the result the oil I got from using the oil ? YES . It did little or nothing to the bald spot.

My hunt for another hair oil continued, at this point I was ready for anything ,Do you want to perform magic for my the bald spot ? Please, go ahead. Few months later a friend sent me a picture of a product that someone used and got result . I was excited , again my problem was where can I get this product in my city. The walk to look for the product is a story on its own, finally found the oil and the price was way above my budget , too expensive for me but I needed my edges back so if it meant dipping into my savings, that I would gladly do. When I started using the oil I was expecting to see changes in two days and I was disappointed, the product could not perform magic for me . The problem with a lot of persons that have issues with their hair, is that the moment they see an advert on a product and testimonies of how it grew someoneโ€™s hair within days they rush to buy those products expecting the same result, truly no product can successfully give you a full hair on a bald spot in days. It takes weeks or a month for a result to be visible.There is no magic to hair growth, just be patient and use the product the right way.

I used it consistently for two weeks and that was when I saw changes and after a month and few weeks, my edges were ready for me to go back to making tight hairstyles lol, lesson number two; stay away from tight hairstyles. Run from hairstylist who believe that the root has to be tight for the hair to last for a long time. If you are with struggling thinning edges stay away from styles that put tension to your edges. Trust the hairstyles to take me back to my scanty edges. The oil was no longer an option for me because of the price.

Instagram and Pinterest became my regular spot , then in 2018 I found a natural hair vendorBellz natural haircare center , I bought two growth oil ;
. Manechoice oil
. Jamaican castor oil (lime and mango)
I used these two oil consistently for two months and together with other tips that I did I got my edges back. You can find those tips on my Instagram page How I grew my edges and today I am very proud of my edges and journey to growing it back .

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