The Tourism Sector needs a total rebranding by the Federal Government as it appears to have become a neglected industry .

Appealed by Miss Anyanwu Nneoma (Miss miss Imo and also the youngest contestant for Miss Tourism Nigeria 2020) just few days before she stepped into the Miss Tourism House Nigeria, She was able to grace a Chit Chat with us at Moty Worldwide about how she feels being the Chosen Queen to represent Imo State and this is what she has to say…

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MOTY: Hi Nelly or should I say Nneoma…haha

NELLY: HAHAHA Nelly is fine, Thank you for having me.

MOTY: We are very much excited too, how do you feel emerging as top contestant for the Miss torism Nigeria season 9? And as the youngest contestant this year…wow!!

NELLY: I am still speechless haha, but yesss! I can’t wait to enter the house lol

MOTY: Awesome , kindly tell us about yourself.

NELLY: Okay, My name is Anyanwu Nneoma, I am 17 years old, I hail from Aboh Mbaise Local Government area in Imo State. I am an SS 3 Student of Alvana Model Secondary School and I aspire to be a Lawyer and a woman of great prestige in every field I venture into in the near future. I come from a Family of four and very much raised to be a God fearing young Girl. I have always had the dream and desire to be a Pageant Queen hence the Miss Tourism pageantry. I believe that I have all it takes to be one and will emerge as the Queen because I am ‘who the crown Fits’.

MOTY: Oh wow, Why should you be crowned the next Miss tourism Nigeria?

NELLY: Lol Because I am a Queen duh???hahaha. oh well…Women have been looked down on enough not just in our country, but in the world generally. Yes,we respect the opposite gender and fully agree that in cases to some extent are not equals in physical abilities but the idea of calling a woman weak,irrelevant and disadvantaged should be brought to an end and what better way to stop this than to prove to the society that women are the most powerful beings on earth,important and also have a vital role to play in the survival of the society. As the Miss tourism Nigeria2020, I will join not just my fellow Queen’s but everyone woman in making names for our selves.I will try my best to help revive our tourism sector, guide our teenagers on some societal hazards which they should abstain from(cultism,rape,drug abuse etc),introduce skill acquisition programmes for youths in rural areas of our country and create awareness of some health issues affecting almost everyone especially women (fibroid and cancer).By doing this, I will teach and make people understand that women have made history, are making history and will continue to make history.
We are women,unscripted and unstoppable!

MOTY: Would you say the Tourism industry in Nigeria is Dead or a developing industry?

NELLY: Well,that’s a good question.I would say that the Ministry of Tourism in our Country under the chairmanship of Lai Mohammed, are doing their best but they need an extra hand. They need to revive the tourism sector of our country and this would be impossible if they are not properly financed.
So I would say the tourism sector of our country is a developing industry.

MOTY: How can we rejuvenate the idea of tourism and its importance in Nigeria?

NELLY:Nigeria is a country that is blessed with so many natural phenomenon’s in many states and if well taken care of, will go along way not only in providing job opportunities for our youths but attract foreign investors thereby adding to the growth of our economy.Tourism in Nigeria will develop self-importance universal acclaim if it is rebranded. The federal Government needs to rebrand the tourism sector as it now appears to become a neglected Industry by the Government. Factors leading to the fall of Tourism in Nigeria should be detected and immediate actions be taken.With this,we will be able to project Nigeria to the outside world as a home of Unity and Progress.

MOTY: What local area(s) do you think the Government should look into that has a bigger tendency of attracting tourists in Nigeria.?

NELLY: Some local area(s) I would love the government,majorly those in charge of Tourism,Arts and Culture to look into are in States like: Bayelsa,Lagos,Abuja,Rivers,Calabar,Ebonyi and my state,Imo as there are soo many unique natural phenomenon’s which could attract foreign investors for us. There are numerous local places abundant in Nature and a great place for sight seeing, Significant places in most overlooked States like the Long Juju of Arochukwu for example in Abia State. So many Places .

MOTY: How will you impact the youth on the very importance of tourism to Nigeria Economy?

NELLY: Nigeria as the ‘Giant of Africa’ and the concept of Democracy in our country cannot be complete without the youths. The youths of my country Nigeria are very hardworking and industrious and our economy cannot not grow if the youths are not allowed to participate actively in it’s revival.As Miss tourism Nigeria,I will join hands with the the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and culture to make sure it is rebranded and with this,job opportunities will be available for not less than 100 youths in every state.New critically examined ideas will be brought into the Ministry and with all hands on deck,as we,the youths,are the future of this great country,our economy will certainly grow.

MOTY : While in the house , can you give details of how your fans can vote for you? also state possible means on how they can stay updated until the end of the show.

NELLY : Okay guys…All you have to do is to follow @MisstourismNigeria and also follow my official handle @iam_nneoma to get updates from my team members.Please help your babygirl bring the crown home🥺😩🙏🏽

Stay connected by watching on Gotv-114,Dstv-369 and Startimes-104 as our pageant will be televised from 13th-28th of November.

MOTY: What do you have to say to Moty Worldwide ?

NELLY: To all the members of Moty worldwide,you all are amazing…I humbly solicit for your support, love and prayers…I’m the youngest contestant this year and so,I happen to be a big threat to other contestants .

support me so I bring the crown home.I am the voice of the voiceless and the Queen with a difference.

Team Nneoma🤗👑
MOTY: lets get it!!

NELLY: You already know. Lol thank you for this platform.