Protein Treatment by Dinmacoilymane

What Is A Protein Treatment?

A protein treatment is a conditioning treatment that adds protein to the cuticle layer of your hair strands. This strengthens your hair, making it a lot stronger and less likely to get damaged later on.But you might be thinking hey, a good deep conditioning treatment can also do the magic.

Well, that’s different, a good deep conditioning treatment adds moisture to the hair restoring its elasticity. But a protein treatment binds proteins to the hair strands which is ideal for strengthening the natural hair so it doesn’t break off easily.
However, it is important to alternate between doing a deep conditioning treatment and a protein treatment for your natural hair.

When you do this you are able to maintain an adequate protein-moisture balance in your natural hair. This is why it’s recommended that you do a protein treatment once every month because too much protein can actually have the opposite effect on your hair.

How do you know your hair needs protein ?

In as much as our hair already has protein structures in it. However, due to the constant manipulation ,exposures to environmental conditions and product build ups our hair loses some of its protein structures gradually and this is when the protein treatment comes in play.

A protein treatment is needed when ;

⁃ You experience spilt ends often.

⁃ Your hair feels dry and brittle.

⁃ Your curls are not popping as usual. A protein treatment is always a great way to care for your hair .

Since I went natural a couple of years back, I’ve not attempted a proper protein treatment. I have always stuck with the sunny isle repair masque which serves as both a protein and moisturizing hair masque. Now my hair is in desperate need of a protein treatment and I decided to try the aphogee 2-in-1 protein treatment.

Aphogee Protein Treatment .

I want to give you guys my honest truth 😊! I loved it! Let’s break it down;

  • The two step protein treatment itself smells awful but the balancing moisturizer has a lovely fragrance .
  • The process is messy and long but it is worth it . It gets the job done βœ”οΈ.
  • The product is effective as it made my hair soft and strong in a good way and left the coils defined.
  • The aphogee two-step protein treatment is definitely a repurchase for me and if possible the only one that I would be using .

Since this is my first time, I want to know from you all which Protein treatment you prefer and why.
DIY OR STORE-BOUGHT? , let me know in the comment section which store bought product you prefer or how you prepare your diy protein treatments. I look forward to learning from you 😊.