The world is so locked up in this, like that’s all that matters right now, we are not giving no right to fair hearing anymore as it has now become a forbidden act. How could it be that people hate other people due to color, culture, background and supremacy hereby making them feel less of a human. The black and white color is a major confusion in our minds.

Ladino elites used racism to justify the displacement and enslavement of the indigenous population, and these beliefs along with the resentment created continued exploitation of indigenous land and labor, culminated in the Guatemalan civil war [1960-1996]

How do we begin undoing the process of internalized hatred and internalized racism? The kind of trenchant racism to which black people have persistently been subjected to can never be defeated by making its victims more respectable. The essence of American racism is disrespect to the black man “Imani perry”

The oxford dictionary defines it as Prejudice, discrimination or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that ones race is superior. However, this is a simplified explanation of a complex issue. The concepts within that definition such as discrimination and racial superiority are not always straight forward. Views on these concepts are often fluid, changing over time with new social contexts and new ways of thinking. “The concept of a racial group comes from a certain anthropological theories which have long been disproved.


They were mostly developed in the “19th and 20th” century in western Europe and claimed that humans could be divided on physical and behavioral traits linked to ethnicity, nationality and related concepts like shared language.

These theories were influenced by colonialism and imperialism, and the desire to show that non white groups were inferior in order to justify the actions of the western nation.

The systematic subordination of members of targeted racial groups who have relatively little social power in the society has become alarming as blacks are been hidden and deprived of their rights. An average black man goes through a lot naturally, how much more with the segregation and hate view which causes emotional instability and inferiority complex. Not been able to be where you want to be, go where you want to go, be free in what to do can be really depressing at times. Race is strongly linked to skin color. White populations across the world were not racially discriminated in the same way non white populations were. For many hundreds of years white British society has enjoyed a position of economic, social and political power over non white in Britain and across the world through the empire and colonialism and their after effects.

Although people know little about this history, the social attitudes that developed over this time are still present in our society. This is known as “white ideology or white supremacy”

RACISM AND HEALTH: In numerous studies, dramatic and persistent difference in health among racial and ethnic group have been observed across numerous important indicators of health in the “united states”, some minority groups are at increased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, low birth weight, or premature birth and other serious condition. So hard to believe that a baby born to a black mother has been shown to be more than twice as likely as a baby born to a white mother to die before reaching his or her first birthday. Researchers have found have found that racial and ethnic discrimination can negatively affect health across lifetimes and generations.

Findings from studies in the U.S and other countries have found that perceived racial/ethnic bias and the resulting toxic stress makes an additional contribution to racial or ethnic disparities in health. In connection with past and current “ROBERT WOOD JOHNSON FOUNDATIONS [RWJF] programs aimed at reducing disparities and advancing health equity. This collection includes research findings and perspectives on the connections between race, racism and health.

The stress killing black Americans was more, coupled with the trauma and fear which came in by the police killings and their spillover effects on the mental health of black Americans. Situations have shown the injustice brought as a result of racial discrimination. An offence committed by a white man and the punishment to be received is less compared to when a black man is guilty of that same act. Every black American has suffered one form of racial discrimination or the other and are still been seen as inferior and of less purpose to the white society, rights of the blacks are been trampled upon which makes it difficult for an average black man to live freely. I guess we all forget that there is just one creator and as such there is no need for racial discrimination, hate, violence and segregation.

In honor of the four African-American students and African-Americans across the diaspora, the ethnicity and health in America series is raising awareness about the physiological and psychological impact of racism and discrimination as it relates to stress. Although the chronic of stress can have negative side effects on all persons, the unique psycho-social and contextual factors specifically the common and pervasive exposure to racism and discrimination creates an additional daily stress for African-Americans. The first step in stopping racism is understanding what it actually is, but that’s not always easy. The white kids from racist families are taught from home to hate the black kids, this is how it stays in them until old age and is passed to another generation… how then do we redefine ourselves and stop the false teachings? Rather try to show that we are all equal and as such should be treated equally in the society.

By now, we know what happened to George Floyd after a U.S police officer kneeled on his neck. In the U.K and Belgium, statues of racist and colonial figures were removed. And the films and TV shows that promote racism have been dropped. The police killing of George Floyd as bystanders watched shows us how the U.S struggles with racism. But structural racism is not exclusive to the U.S. Like the covid-19 pandemic we are facing, racism is present in every nook and corner of this planet.

As we have worked together in combating covid-19, we must also curb racism globally. Just like the covid-19 pandemic, racism is another pandemic we have to tackle. For the pandemic of racism, there is no question cause its human-made. The pandemic of racism originates from a delusional view of a group of people thinking they are better than other people who look different from them. White European Elites have used this world view to rationalize their imperialist, colonialist and racist policies, sustaining their claim that they are culturally and biologically superior. This world view led to the colonization of the world by white Europeans, slavery of Africans in their homeland, elsewhere and in America, and to the horror of the national socialism of the German Nazis, which happened in Europe only 75 years ago.

Led by Adolf Hitler, the Nazis used scientific racism rooted in the periods social Darwinism to claim German were superior to all other groups and constituted a “master race of Aryans”. They used this to justify the systematic and industrial killing of around 11 million people from 1938-1945. National socialism commonly known as Nazism exploited and extended such eugenicist logic. They killed not only two-thirds of the Jewish population in Europe at that time but also millions of non-Jewish people, comprising of Africans, the romani, the sinti people, and what the Nazis labeled as “asocial” or “unworthy” people.

The fact that we rarely hear about the killing of millions of other victimized groups may reflect the structural racism of our world. It is thus a painful irony that the U.S, part of the allied forces that defeated the Nazis and spurred denazification, only gave black Americans universal voting rights in the 1960s which led to the continuation of structural racism against African Americans.

Dark complexions are associated with menial labor, while fairness or lighter skin is associated with higher social status and cultural refinement. In a more subtle but no less hostile way, consumer society keeps racism alive by promoting beauty concepts that tend to celebrate and glamorize people with fair skin. Ending racism is both our individual and collective task and as such should be less centered or blamed on the Government.

At an individual level, overcoming racist perspectives and stopping racist behaviors start with changing our world view. We should blur the concepts of self and others and simply treat everyone, whatever their skin color equally. We can start by stop believing in white supremacy and ending the vilification of dark skin. Organisations should actively support people from historically oppressed groups who due to racist discrimination are underrepresented in all areas of public affairs. We should help promote and defend human rights, and make a difference in combating racism in our society.