Why I went natural

By Dinmacoilymane .

In 2017, I went for my usual salon visit to relax my hair for the half of the year and because my previous relaxer treatment was not effective. I had high hopes that the new relaxer would do a good job on my hair. The hair stylist applied it on my hair and left it for the usual amount of time. All of a sudden I started feeling a burning sensation on my head, it made me totally uncomfortable so I asked her to wash it off and prayed that my hair was not damaged beyond repair. Unfortunately, my prayers were unanswered because the moment she got my hair wet, I felt a stinging pain and I knew my hair was damaged.

After the washing I pleaded with her to do a simple hairstyle because I could not bear to carry my hair out of the salon that way. My hair was glued to my scalp that was the severity of the burn. I should have realized that resting my hair after such an ordeal would have been the best decision. A couple of months down the line, I went to another hairstylist to make my hair before going for a conference, while he was making the hair I felt a sharp pain on my edges so I told him that the tension there is too much and it might pull my edges, he reassured me that there was no tension and that my hair was totally safe, during the conference, the pain at the left side of my head grew and I used my hand to scratch it thinking it was just a nasty pimple. Unbeknownst to me i had peeled off that part of my hair leaving a bald spot. I was so angry I loosened my hair that same day and my edges was an eyesore , I was fortunate enough to get a wig from my friend.

My experience over that period of time caused me to Lose confidence and be super conscious of the hairstyles i made . i did not enter this natural hair life knowing how to do it all, i made a lot of missteps and mistakes. however, practice makes perfect and there are a lot of guides out there if you just look. Then I came across WENATURALS a hair line owned by Ghanaian lady , their products helped me greatly during my transitioning days before I did my big chop in October 2018 and ever since I have come to love and learnt how to nurture my hair . I totally love my coils and trust me I don’t plan on relaxing again thanks to the large community of natural hair influencers and hair blogs . So follow my blog where I spill all I have learnt about natural hair and how to take care of it.